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OUR APPROACH  |  What makes our work special?

Brigstock Family Practice strives to maintain the traditional family GP relationship valued by patients in a modern healthcare environment. We are a family practice and not a large medical centre or health centre. We feel that family GPs should know their patients and that an intimate professional relationship enhances the care they are able to provide. By taking this approach we aim to ensure that all care we provide is tailored to our patients’ specific needs. As well as providing bespoke patient focused care we aim to ensure this is delivered in a way that is consistent to the care we provide our private patients.

Modern practices now have many more responsibilities than traditional family GPs had in the past. These additional responsibilities have enhanced the services and that practices now provide and to help manage this Brigstock Family Practice has adopted many modern methods. This has necessitated the adoption of numerous computer hardware systems, databases and software applications. By embracing technology in this way we are better able to serve our patients in an efficient and organized way without jeopardising our traditional family GP approach.

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