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LATEST NEWS  |  Introducing the Soprano XL 

"The first lasers used to remove hair would only treat areas of the skin millimetre by millimetre, making it a very slow and painful procedure” says Dr. Nilu Vajpeyi Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre's specialist dermatology GP.

The Soprano XL is a state of the art machine and instead of emitting one pulse to heat the hair follicles, it fires out high-speed pulses at a lower energy. It can still heat the hair to the required level, but because it fires so rapidly it is pretty much pain-free. Those brave enough to undergo the treatment on traditional lasers are still in for a nasty shock as it is still not unknown for patients to faint during the procedure. With the Soprano XL and its Pain-Free Hair-Free procedure the sensation has been compared to a hot stone massage. This ensures the treatment is more comfortable than traditional laser hair removal procedures. It is so effective it can even be used on darker skin tones – a first for a laser hair removal machines.

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