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PRESCRIPTIONS | How to arrange regular prescriptions

 Register for online prescriptions and appointments

Brigstock Family practice is now offering a fantastic online service for its patients. By registering you gain access to phone apps and online access that enables you to book appointments and order prescriptions - ANYTIME- ANYWHERE.

Click the PATIENT ACCESS link to find out more and register:


The repeat prescription service is used for medication that you need to take on a regular basis. They can be requested in person, by post, fax, online, via a phone app or through your local pharmacy. Unfortunately, we cannot take repeat prescriptions requests over the telephone as this can lead to serious errors if a medication name is misspelt or misheard.

Please allow two full working days before collecting your prescription. You will need to consider surgery opening times, weekends and public holidays when making your requests.

On the right hand side of your prescription is a list of your repeat medications. Ideally this should be used when requesting a repeat prescription using the methods below. Please tick the medication you require. If you do not have this slip, you can ask reception to print you a copy. Otherwise, you can write your own list, but this must include your name, D.O.B., address and prescription request. You must include the full name of the medication, dose and quantity you require.


Online: You can order repeat prescriptions online by registering either at reception in the surgery or on the patient access website. Once registered you can download an app to your phone enabling you to order your repeat prescriptions anywhere, anytime.

At reception:  Please tick the medication you require and hand this into reception. It can also be posted and addressed ‘F.A.O. Reception Staff’.

By post:  If you require your prescription to be posted back to you, please enclose a stamped self addressed envelope. This will be sent  to you within 2 working days of receipt at the surgery, but please make allowances for variances with postal delivery when requesting a repeat prescription by post.

By fax: 020 8665 1315.  Please fax your requests using the number provided above.

'if you would like to order your prescription by email then please send your request to'

At your local pharmacy:  Please contact your local pharmacy to enquire about their repeat prescription collection service. Pharmacies near your place of work can also provide this service.

  020 8689 7800
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